Monday Night Sessions

Image Courtesy of Erik Holladay for: Second Wave Media

"We came into the room. We dropped our bags. We ate our sandwiches. We made eye contact. We listened to one person playing their song on acoustic guitar and singing. We chiseled out the arrangement. We sorcerered out. We found the David. We layed it down and life rolls on..." -Joe Robbie Swayne (one time Monday Night throw down artist)

In a nutshell, Joe Robbie's right. We had schemed for years about a weekly "one-off" recording session where one song was to be fully orchestrated and recorded in one night. So we did. And each session featured a different songwriter and that person would also choose somebody else to sing the lead. And to this day our song-to-song recording practices have sharpened as a result of this collaborative process.

The first run of these tracks is now preserved in THE SCIENCE OF DOUBLE PHELIX. It truly is a gas! Let's see, oh, it has space, joke corp, country needle, rip city swing, phaser corp scandal 101, and nick mason written all over it in case you wanted to know the genre or the "feel" of it.

The Double Phelix Orchestra
The Science of Double Phelix

The Science Of Double Phelix

Recorded over the last year on various Monday nights, "The Science of Double Phelix" is the first collection of singles written, performed, and produced by the Double Phelix Orchestra. Each session features a local songwriter, a vocalist of their choosing, and a band comprised of whoever shows up to play.

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered
by Ben Lau and Andy Catlin
Produced by The Double Phelix Orchestra

Cottonwood - by Cottonwood
Do It or Don't - by Nature's Mistake
Klif - by Find the David
Send the Ships to Pluto - by Iguana Iguana
The Moon - by First Wall
Tryptaphan Dangle - by Molo Quint
The Tower - by Cobalt Mexican Wolves
Snakespine - by The Ponderosa Boys
Wrong from the Start - by Big Flavor